Award for Margo – 2nd place in the competition of National Labor Inspectorate


We are happy to announce that our company took 2nd place in Podkarpacie in the 25th edition of the “Employer Organizer of Safe Work” competition in the category of companies employing up to 50 employees. The competition was organized by the National Labor Inspectorate.

MARGO Sp. z o.o. has been qualified and invited by the National Labor Inspectorate to participate in the competition as an Employer meeting high standards of safety and legal protection of work.

Award for Margo – 2nd place in the competition of National Labor Inspectorate

By awarding, the competition jury appreciated primarily:

• Compliance by the Employer with the provisions of the labor law concerning, in particular, the legality of employment, working time, remuneration and employee leaves.

• Compliance with health and safety regulations and rules. The condition of the facilities, rooms, workstations, hygienic and sanitary facilities, ventilation, heating and lighting was appreciated.

• Condition and quality of machinery, technical devices and electrical installations protection.

• High storage and warehousing system and safe internal transport.

• Use of personal protective equipment by employees (working clothes and footwear, head, eye and hearing protection).

• Taking care of the condition of internal roads and the building surroundings (surface quality, organization of parking lots, lighting of access roads, navigation pylons, road signs, lawns and plantings).

The award ceremony was held in the Auditorium Hall of the Urząd Marszałkowski in Rzeszów on November 16, 2018.

19 November 2018