Neck flanges

This type of flange is distinguished by a characteristic neck, which must be precisely matched to the diameter of the pipe with which the flange is connected. This type of flange connection ensures above-average tightness. It is used in installations adapted to work in extremely high or low temperatures.

Steel neck flanges are often used in piping as a connection between two pipes or as an entry/exit point for other piping components such as valves, pressure gauges and industrial automation components.

margo Neck flanges


Weld-neck flanges are available within the range of DN 10 – DN 2000.

They are produced according to the following standards:

  • DIN 2631, steel grade C22.8 for pressure PN 6
  • DIN 2632, steel grade C22.8 for pressure PN 10
  • DIN 2633, steel grade C22.8 for pressure PN 16
  • DIN 2634, steel grade C22.8 for pressure PN 25
  • DIN 2635, steel grade C22.8 for pressure PN 40
  • EN 1092-1, steel grades P235GH/P245GH/P265GH

Flanges Type 11 with the raised face B.

Neck flanges

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