Steel tees

Steel tees are fittings that allow three pipe sections to be joined. They allow you to connect pipes at different angles and in different planes. A tee is an indispensable element of every water, heating and gas installation.

In straight tees, the diameter of each hole is the same. They are used in situations where there is a need to divide a stream of fluid or gas into several equal parts.

The reducing tee has one larger opening (inlet) and two smaller openings (outlets). A reducing tee is used when there is a need to reduce the diameter of a pipe to fit another component or to restrict the flow of a fluid or gas.

margo Steel tees

Steel tees are available within the range of DN 15 – DN 600. They are produced according to the following standards:

  • DIN 2615-1, steel grade St.35
  • EN 10253-2, steel grade P235GHWe can provide both equal and reducing tees.

Steel tees

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