Standard precision seamless tubes, cold drawn

Calculate the weight of pipes

Calculate the weight of pipes

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  • EN 10305-1 Steel tubes for precision applications. Part 1: Seamless cold drawn tubes.
  • DIN 2391 Seamless precision steel tubes. Part 1: Dimensions. Part 2: TDC.

Steel grades

according to EN: E215, E235, E355, E255, E410, 26Mn5, 10S10, 15S10, 18S10, 37S10, C35E i C45E, 26Mo2, 25CrMo4 i 42CrMo4

according to DIN: St35, St45, St52 (other steel upon agreement)


  •  random 3-7 (9) m
  •  fixed: tolerance ±500 mm
  •  exact: tolerance -0/+x (x upon agreement)
  • max length (upon agreement) 18 m
  •  conversion of units: 1 m = 3,2808 ft,  1 ft = 0,3048 m


For D > 15 mm total deviation:
– max 0,0015 L for ReH ≤ 500 MPa
– max 0,002 L for ReH > 500 MPa
Local deviation: max 3 mm / 1 m
For D ≤ 15 mm upon agreement

Tube ends

The ends of the tube, free of burrs, are perpendicular to the axis of the tube. Upon agreement the tubes may be supplied with mechanically machined ends. The ends of the tube may be also capped with plastic caps.

Delivery condition and thermal processing according to EN and DIN

(DIN designation given in the brackets):
+C (BK) Cold drawn / hard (after the last cold forming no heat treatment)
+LC (BKW) Cold drawn/ soft (the last heat treatment is followed by cold drawing)
+SR (BKS) Cold drawn and stress relieved annealed (after the final cold drawing process the tubes are stress relieved annealed in a cotrolled atmosphere)
+A (GBK) Annealed (after the last cold drawing process the tubes are annealed in a controlled atmosphere)
+N (NBK) Normalized (after the last cold drawing process the tubes are normalized in a controlled atmosphere)

Surface condition

Surface condition of tubes meets the appropriate standards and depends on the manufacturing method and the thermal processing of tubes. Precision tubes must have smooth outer and inner surface.
Roughness value ≤ 4 μm. Tubes in condition +C and +LC with layers of lubricant.


Label with data on bundle. Spraying on tube upon agreement: producer, dimension, standard, steel grade, cast, test style, identyfication number by specific testing.

Surface protection

Tubes are supplied with anticorrosion application. The type of protection is the subject of agreement. It is also possible to provide tubes without protection (upon agreement).


Tubes are delivered in bundles with either circular or hexagonal shape weighing maximum 2000 kilograms. Tubes are tied with steel band.

Dimensions and tolerances of drawn precision seamless tubes according to EN, DIN

Dimensions and weight of precision seamless tubes according to EN, DIN