Precision tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders

Features that precision steel pipes used for hydraulic cylinders should have:

  • high dimensional accuracy – pipes should have very accurate dimensions to ensure precise matching to other elements of the hydraulic cylinder;
  • high surface quality – the inner and outer surface of the pipes should be very smooth, without burrs, scratches and other damage, which affects the tribological properties of the cylinder (referring to friction forces);
  • high tensile and bending strength, which affects the durability and stability of the hydraulic cylinder;
  • high resistance to fatigue – pipes should have a very good resistance to cyclical loads, which is especially important in the case of hydraulic cylinders operating in dynamic conditions;
  • high corrosion resistance – to ensure a long life of the hydraulic cylinder in harsh environmental conditions;
  • exact chemical parameters;
  • high pressure resistance – pipes should withstand the high pressures that prevail in hydraulic cylinders to ensure the safety and reliability of these devices.
Calculate the weight of pipes

Calculate the weight of pipes

Use our calculator to determine the exact weight of pipes you are interested in.


EN 10305-1 Steel tubes for precision applications. Part 1: Seamless cold drawn tubes.
DIN 2391 Seamless precision steel tubes. Part 1: Dimensions. Part 2: TDC.

HPZ type – precision tubes for mechanical treatment
HP type – precision hydraulic tubes “ready to use”

Steel grades

E355 according to EN 10305-1, St52 according to DIN 2391, St52-3 according to DIN 17100, 20 MnV6 according to EN 10294-1


  •  random lengths 3 m-6 m (HPZ type), 2 m-6 m (HP type)
  •  fixed lengths max 6 m


1 mm / 1000 mm – measured on the outside surface.

Tube ends

Plain, on request ends can be plugged with plastic caps.

Delivery condition

+SR (EN); BKS (DIN) – cold finished / stress relieve annealed
Other conditions upon agreement (+N / NBK, +C / BK)


– cast analysis
– tensile test
– visual test
– dimensional test
– NDT (eddy current test)
– other test upon agreement


Colour stencilling along whole tube length:
– producer’s logo
– size (inside diameter x wall whickness)
– steel
– heat no.
– standard no. (or according to customer’s specification)

Surface protection

Tubes are oiled.


Tubes are packed in round or hexagonal bundles with weight max 2 000 kg, fastened with steel strips.