Seamless tubes suitable for threading and welding

Features of steel pipes suitable for threading and welding:

  • the absence of welds in seamless steel pipes increases their strength and reduces the risk of cracks;
  • high quality steel, which ensures the strength of the pipes;
  • dimensional accuracy, which allows for precise fitting of the ends and obtaining a durable and tight connection;
  • appropriate mechanical properties (tensile, bending and torsion strength);
  • corrosion resistance, which prevents premature wear of the connection.
Calculate the weight of pipes

Calculate the weight of pipes

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  • EN 10224 Steel pipes, joints and fittings for the conveyance of aqueous liquids including potable water.
  • EN 10255 Non-alloy steel tubes suitable for welding or threading.
  • DIN 2440 Steel tubes; medium-weight suitable for screwing.
  • DIN 2441 Steel tubes; heavy-weight suitable for screwing.

Steel grades

  • wg EN 10224: L235, L275, L355
  • wg EN 10255: S195T, S235JRH
  • wg DIN 2440: St33-2
  • wg DIN 2441: St33-2
  • wg DIN 1629: St37.0, St52.0


Threaded tubes have a wide range of use especially in the construction field. They are used for water transfer and distribution of all kinds of liquids and gasses. The limits for using this group of tubes concerning the level of pressure and the type of media transfered are given by the appropriate directives valid for pipeline, construction and pipes.


The tubes for threading according to standard EN 10255 are preferential delivered as hot finished.
For technological reasons and to achieve the required dimensional tolerances are as cold drawn and normalized delivered by agreement the following tubes:
– all dimensions with OD 10,2 mm, 13,5 mm, 17,2 mm
– at type L and L1 also 76,1 mm, 88,9 mm, 101,6 mm
– at type L 114,3 mm
– all dimensions at type L2


The tubes for threading in the range from 1/8″ (outside diameter 10,2 mm) to 4″ (outside diameter 114,3 mm) are produced according to EN 10255 standard.

Dimensions for threaded tubes according to EN 10255

The tubes for threading can be also produced according to other standards, e.g. DIN or EN 10224.