Tubes with internal ribs

Application examples:

  • in heating and cooling systems (ribbing increases the internal surface of the pipe, which in turn increases the efficiency of heat or fluid flow);
  • in ventilation and air-conditioning systems, steel pipes with internal fins ensure better heat exchange between the air and the pipe;
  • in the chemical and petrochemical industries, they can be used to transport chemicals that require controlled temperature or need to be cooled;
  • in the case of waterworks, steel pipes with internal ribs can be used to transport water that needs frost protection or needs to be heated.
Calculate the weight of pipes

Calculate the weight of pipes

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Properties of tubes with internal ribs

Seamless tubes with internal ribs (internal riffling) are made by cold drawing. They are used as boiler tubes or heat exchangers tubes.

Steel grades according to EN 10216: P235GH, 16Mo3

Compared with tubes that have a smooth internal surface, tubes with ribs offer the customer many advantages:

  • improved level of heat transfer even with a higher share of steam;
  • very good level of heat transfer, retained also at lower medium flow;
  • lower temperature of tube walls = lower risk of tube’s distortion;
  • internal riffling prevents from sedimentation of solid particles present in the medium = lower risk of corrosion process = increased lifetime of a tube;
  • improved heat transfer by a suitable optimization of the riffle geometry.


Range [mm]

Range [inch]

Outside diameter D



Tube wall thickness T



Number of ribs


Rib height h



Rib width at the top f



Rib side angle ß


Rib radius r



Rib pitch angle a


Rib pitch length (360°)

depending on outside diameter

Distance of rib centers in the longitudinal direction

 upon agreement

Rib width at the top

 upon agreement

Width of the distance between ribs at the top

 upon agreement

Inside tube circumference

 upon agreement

Transversal tube diameter

 upon agreement

Tube length

 upon agreement