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Boiler tubes for pressure equipment (low temperature)


EN 10216-4 Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes. TDC. Part 4: Non-alloy and alloy steel tubes with specified low temperature properties.
EN 10305-1 (upon agreement) Steel tubes for precision applications. Part 1: Seamless cold drawn tubes.
DIN  17173 Seamless circular steel tubes for low temperatures. TDC.
DIN 2391-1 (upon agreement) Seamless precision steel tubes. Part 1: Dimensions.

Tubes are used in equipment and machinery operating at low temperatures. The typical feature of steels that these tubes are made of is their low susceptibility to failure when used in low temperatures.

Steel grades

according to EN 10216-4: P215NL, P265NL
according to DIN 17173: 10Ni14, TT St35N

Designation of steel according to EN
P- steel for pressure equipment
215- minimum yield strenght in N/mm2
N- normalized or normalising formed
L- low temperature steel


• D < 60,3 mm: 5-6 m
• D ≥ 60,3 mm / T < 7,1 mm: 5-6 m or 10-14 m
• D ≥ 60,3 mm / T ≥ 7,1 mm: 5-6 m
• longer upon agreement

Exact length tolerances

• L < 6 m: 0 + 10 mm • 6 m ≤ L ≤ 12 m: 0 + 15 mm •  L > 12 m: upon agreement

Tolerance D (outside diameter)

hot finished: D  ≤ 219,1 mm: ± 1 %, min ± 0,5 mm
cold finished: ± 0,5 %, min ± 0,3 mm

Tolerance T (wall thickness)

hot finished: D  ≤ 219,1 mm: ± 12,5 %, min ± 0,4 mm
cold finished: ± 10 %, min ± 0,2 mm


< 0,0015 of pipe length (below 3 mm per every meter of pipe length)


The tubes from 21,3 mm diameter and the wall thickness from 2.3 mm are supplied as hot rolled. The smaller diameter tubes are supplied as cold drawn and subsequently heat treated. Based on an agreement it is possible to deliver boiler tubes with dimensions and tolerances according to the dimensional specifications for precision tubes.

Dimensions and weight of seamless steel tubes according to EN 10220

Dimensions and weight of precision seamless tubes according to EN, DIN

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